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Twice as Nice


When you book Two for Joy you get two photographers for the price of one. But why’s that a good thing?

Here’s why.

Two times as many photos

Firstly, we can make your wedding budget go further. Because we charge the same fee as one wedding photographer, you get twice as many photos for your money. What’s not to like?

Two different styles

You also get to enjoy two different creative perspectives. Meg’s fashion background is the perfect complement for Nikki’s fine art background. Meaning you get twice the breadth in your images, yet they still feel like they belong together. (Just like you.)

Two view points throughout the day

We’ve developed a kind of telepathy over time – an instinct for who should be where. This means we can cover a lot more ground during your wedding – crucial for those key moments when you and your partner are in two different places. A solo photographer can’t be in the perfect spot for the bride’s arrival and the groom’s first glance. But we can. It’s the same with the ceremony and speeches. We can capture the all-important speaking moments and your guest’s reactions without missing a beat.

Two stories, one timeline

Here’s the really clever bit…we time sync all our photos across the two cameras. So when you see a photo of your partner, you’ll be able to see exactly what you were doing at the same moment. This is especially lovely before the ceremony, when you’re both making those final preparations. Meg’s fashion eye means she generally goes with the bride and bridesmaids, while Nikki hangs with the boys. (She is a dab hand at bow ties now, not to mention pouring whiskey!)

Two people to rally the troops

Getting family members together for formal shots can be a bit like herding cats. Finding the right people at the right moment is a loooooot quicker and smoother when there’s two of you.

It’s true what they say – teamwork makes the dream work. So if you’d like to find out how we could capture your dream wedding photos, get in touch.

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