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10 reasons to make yours a midweek wedding

10 reasons to make yours a midweek wedding.

2020 has rewritten a lot of the old rules for weddings and lots of couples have been rethinking how they want to get married, and when. With our bookings for 2021 now taking shape we’re seeing an interesting new trend – a big rise in the previously shunned ‘midweek wedding’.

The disruption that Covid has forced many of our clients to be more imaginative and open-minded in making their dreams a reality, and more and more of them have realised that if they want to get married in 2021, they need to think outside the weekend box.

Historically, Saturdays have always been booked up a year or two in advance, and the backlog of scheduling created by the pandemic has made that even worse for a lot of very popular venues. So the tradition of weekend weddings has been completely shaken up, and we think that’s a good thing.

Many people we know have stuck to weekend dates because they feel that it’s what other people want. When you focus on what you want, what’s good for you and your budget, then you may find saying your vows during the week may make a lot more sense.

Whether you’re rescheduling a wedding or just making your initial plans, there are loads of reasons why you might want to join the midweek movers and shakers – here are just ten of them.

1. Get the venue you want

If your favourite venue is booked up on every weekend till 2023, you have two options – be patient, or be flexible. Going midweek gives you so much more control over your timings you might find other things fall into place more easily too.

2. Get midweek savings

Booking on a weekday might even save you a few bob, too. And if you’re planning on having a smaller wedding you could also find you’re at an advantage, since many venues won’t have minimum guest requirements Monday to Thursday.

3. Get the place to yourself

If a more intimate wedding is more your style, then it could actually be the perfect way to make sure you don’t find yourself bumping into guests from other peoples’ weddings, or normal patrons for that matter. That atmosphere can make all the difference to your day, and it’s something that normally you’d be paying a premium for at the weekend. Remember, it’s not just about getting the date you want but the time you want too. Many registrars pack a few weddings into each day, so going midweek gives you a lot more breathing room.

4. Save on hotels costs

As well as giving your guests an excuse to take the day off work, they’ll thank you for the cheaper hotel prices too. You may even find it’s possible to upgrade yourself to a somewhere a bit plusher, or add another night.

5. Stretch your celebration out

In fact, anything’s possible. You could extend the whole thing into a mini-break, so you see even more of your most important guests. Many of our couples have added all kinds of events to the following day, from brunch for the whole wedding party to treasure hunts, marquee, band, BBQs and spa days.

6. Get more from your suppliers

It’s not just venues where midweek flexibility can pay off. Many of the best suppliers are booked up years in advance too, so whether you find you can nab your dream supplier list against the odds, or score a sizeable saving, it might be worth thinking it through. Some venues and suppliers will also be a lot more flexible on timings, allowing you to set up the day before or stay a bit later than normal.

7. Treat friends and family to a day off!

Okay, so this one’s a bit of a reach, since taking a day off midweek will suit some people more than others. And for anyone with kids in school it’s either a dream scenario, or could rule them out entirely. Just remember that, whether you’re planning a small midweek wedding or a weekend wedding, the arrangements will suit some people more than others. You’ll never please everyone, so do what’s right for you.

8. Pimp your wedding up

Your wedding isn’t only about the budget, but when you can make every pound stretch a bit further, you may find all kinds of possibilities open up. From catering to entertainment venue, or even the part of the country you choose – a midweek wedding gives you countless opportunities to upgrade and make the whole experience that bit more special and more you.

9. Avoid awkward date clashes

The last thing you want is that sinking feeling of realising that your wedding date clashes with a friend’s. And a midweek wedding date is one of the best ways to guarantee it won’t happen.

10. Choose a special date

Liberating yourself from the traditional weekend days gives you 261 more dates to choose from, and a lot easier to choose dates that are significant or special to you. It could be the anniversary of the day you met or got engaged, or something even more bespoke, like David Beckham’s birthday. Whatever floats your boat.

Hopefully this list has helped you think a bit more widely about how you might approach your wedding and give you a few ideas. Ultimately, there are a lot of things to balance and you need to make a decision that works for you. If you want to join the numbers of couples looking out of season and midweek in order to make their special day even more special – and get more from their budgets – we wish you the best of luck! If you’d like us to take care of your photography, and take advantage of our 1K midweek giveaway (!!!) let us know so we can save your date – whenever that may be.

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