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We think the most curious thing about us is our curiosity.


We take inspiration from absolutely everything we can, and are always on the hunt for unusual props, looks and compositions that we can use at our next wedding. We keep a close eye on all emerging trends, from art exhibitions to music videos, magazine editorial and movies. Basically, the more ‘out there’ the better.


Our insatiable thirst for the different comes from our different backgrounds. While Nikki is the artist, Meg is the fashionista, and the creative friction between those worlds creates the most interesting, honest and distinctive results.


Refusing to settle and always looking for inspiration outside the world of weddings helps make sure our shots are always vibrant, personal records of the emotions and moments of the day. We don’t ever try to look like anyone else. And our approach is lactose intolerant – from the way we speak to couples to the photos we take, everything is 100% cheese-free.)


Perhaps the most curious thing about us could be how much we like to take inspiration from couples themselves. We encourage them to pin and share as much as possible before the wedding, and love combining their ideas with new ‘stuff’. We love new bits of kit, from unusual props to our chic retro selfie booth that unleashes JOY everywhere we go.


Basically, we’re always on the hunt for something that we’ve never seen before. That we fall in love with, and that in turn helps us capture moments that our clients will love too. Because love, at the end of the day, is what it’s all about.

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