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Happy International Woman's day!


Over the years we’ve found that being females gives us a certain edge as wedding photographers. Of course we know lots of amazing male wedding photographers, each with their own unique skills, but we’ve always had a knack of tuning into the occasion in a certain way.

Maybe it’s female intuition or the expertise that comes from having been brides ourselves. Whatever it is, our couples love it. Feedback and reviews often remark that having a female photographer came with unexpected extras. So here’s a taste of what they are.

For a start, brides are usually undressed during those all-important preparations.

Sometimes very undressed. To get intimate shots of you and anyone else who is there, you need to be 100% relaxed, and definitely not complicating things by asking someone to leave the room. It’s not the case for everyone, but for some brides a female photographer allows them to enjoy that whole part of the day that bit more – and that will definitely show in your photos.

We’ve also found there’s a more practical side. Because we’ve both been brides ourselves we’re veterans of the nervous chaotic dressing room. We’re very happy getting stuck in with the graft and have painted nails, helped brides into dresses, reassured nervous grooms and even entertained overexcited kids before now. Whatever it takes to get you both to the church on time.

All of which means our wedding senses are finely tuned. We know what’s important to you both throughout the day and can often step in to help without being asked. We also know how we would want to look if it were us all over again. So don’t even think about seeing a double chin or a bingo wing in one of our images. We won’t take a single photo of you that we wouldn’t post of ourselves.

And don’t forget – there’s two of us, so our feminine super powers are twice as powerful.

Want to find out more about having Two for Joy as your wedding photographers? Get in touch! We’d love to introduce ourselves and hear more about your big day.

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