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We’d like to introduce the newest member of the Two for Joy team. Say hello to JOY – the most magical photo booth you'll ever meet! Photo booths have played faithful role at weddings for years now, offering the perfect blend of entertainer and record of your day. Even the sniffiest of guests can be found smothered in feather boas, flashing glasses and lips on sticks when they’re a few IPAs in, but JOY is taking the role of booth to a whole new level that is making style conscious couples swoon and not cringe!

So here are ten reasons why JOY is an absolute must-have for your wedding day.

1. She’s a looker

If you’ve styled every inch of your wedding, a fabricated photo booth is unlikely to fit. JOY has been lovingly handcrafted in the UK from solid oak with a look inspired by classic mid-century furniture. So she’s guaranteed to look drop-dead gorgeous in any venue.

2. Pixel perfect pics

Forget cheap and cheerful iPad snaps. JOY’s DSLR takes high resolution images using a professional lens and light, ensuring every shot is well lit and flattering. Plenty lush enough to sit in your album alongside the shots we take.

3. She’s a smart cookie

JOY runs on the latest software, which means she’s got loads of smart options like filters, green screen, video and animated gifs. You can even tie in your wedding theme with custom backdrops or by adding frames and design details from your invites and website.

4. The big kids entertainer

JOY loves kids, and they love her. In fact, she’s great with all ages. She’ll happily distract your more excitable guests, whatever their age, to give you a much-needed breather.

5. Forever more

You can never have too many wedding photos, and even though there are two of us JOY will help save even more of your wedding for posterity. In the intimate way only she can.

6. Readymade favours

JOY produces such high-quality prints they make lovely favours for guests to take home as a keepsake of the day.

7. The alternative guest book

Not everyone knows what to write in a guest book, so JOY creates a quirky alternative. Your guests can show their love without worrying about spelling (or wobbly G&T handwriting).

8. She’s a showstopper

JOY is a real talking point, and it’s not unusual for guests to be so fascinated by her curves and charm that they ignore live bands and flock to her all night.

9. Get photos of your night guests too

JOY is a party machine. She’ll still be standing even when the last of your guests have crawled home, safely holding the lovely relaxed photos she’s been taking of them all night.

10. She’s a whizz at archiving

All the images JOY takes she’ll neatly organise and post to your own online gallery. So you and your guests can see what everyone got up to and download copies whenever you like.

Want to book JOY for your wedding? Get in touch now – her dates are limited don't you know!

(Pssssst…she does corporate packages too. Give us a ring to find out more.)

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