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The rise (AND RISE) of the pregnant bride.

Our step by step guide to rocking that bump on your big day.

Sadly, countless weddings have been postponed this year thanks to the virus that needs no introduction. Which has left a lot of couples with dilemmas about putting their plans on pause – some of which are even bigger than getting married.

We’re delighted to be able to celebrate the exciting news that four of our couples who have pushed their weddings back to 2022 have decided not to delay their plans to start a family. Which means we’ll be capturing them either with bumps, babies or possibly toddlers, depending on how the timings work out. We couldn’t be more thrilled, and since we’ve been thinking about this a lot, we thought we’d share some of our insights into pulling off a wedding whilst pregnant.

Being pregnant can be tiring, and planning a wedding can be stressful. Combining the two can be a recipe for bad moods and rash decisions, but not if you anticipate the challenges and support each other. We are both mums ourselves, and we want to share as much of our experience as possible to help you arrive at your wedding looking fab with your dress, your sanity and your waters intact.

First thing's first: don’t panic Finding out you’re having a baby is exciting, and perhaps a little daunting. It’s only natural to feel emotional and even like your life is being turned upside down. But it’s not. You’re in control, whether your pregnancy was planned or not. You’re not the first to take on this challenge and you won’t be the last. This will be the most memorable time of your life for two amazing reasons.

So pull up your big girls pants and get planning that wedding!

Be your future friend This is our number one rule of work and life in general – and also wedding planning. Do anything and everything in advance that you possible can. You will thank yourself for it when the day finally arrives.

Plan for the unexpected Even the most talented micro-managers can’t control every little detail. Certain things may not go quite as planned, but the end result will be still something you’re happy with as long as you’ve got a flexible plan. As soon as you find out you're pregnant, think through how your due date will affect your wedding date. How close are they? How far along will you be? Everyone’s pregnancy is different, but it’s still possible to predict roughly how you will be feeling, how much walking you will be able to do, and how much energy you will have.

Yes, you may be feeling a little crackers on the day, but then so were we.

Timing is everything If possible, try to get hitched in your second trimester. Your morning sickness should be gone by then – or at least eased up enough for you to face the buffet.

Plus, if you get married mid-pregnancy rather than at the end, you’ll be a lot more mobile. Getting married in your last trimester you have to consider pregnancy fatigue which usually hits you late at night, but a shorter evening do would save a bit of cash so there are upsides to everything.

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