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River Cottage Rocks

Updated: Feb 1, 2021

To say we are River Cottage Geeks is an understatement! So when the call to River Cottage came . . .  we were there. After 298 sleepless nights we were covered in Goosebumps and bouncing down the lane in ‘Betty’ our faithful Landover on our way to River Cottage HQ. 

Greeted by Megan (the super fab Wedding Co-ordinator), we tried not to squeal when she told us to dump our gear in Hugh’s kitchen, where we were hit by the scent of homemade lemonade. After the obligatory selfies at his Aga we set to work. 

Friendly yet professional staff buzzed about, placing freshly-cut wild flowers in jam jars on every table, completing the the perfect rustic yet super-stylish finishing touches.

Excited guests arrived to this incredibly special place by tractor, and the ceremony was held in the immaculate cottage vegetable garden surrounded by fragrant sweet peas. 

Foodies ohhh’d and arrrh’d at every course. Including us!

After dinner, open log burners warmed the Mongolian Yurt which over looked breath taking views of the valley. Meanwhile opposite, in the candle lit barn friends and family danced the night away . . . culminating in the ‘best ever’ Pizza cooked outside to order in the courtyard Clay oven. 

As you’ve probably guessed we have fallen big time for this adorable and surreal place, which is run by a ‘River Cottage Family’ who obviously respect and care about the environment and what they do . . . for this we thank you for inspiring us to take our personal record breaking amount of pictures . . . here’s a few of our faves.

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